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The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has nearly become synonymous with Disney itself. It has been a staple of the park for years and has remained practically unchanged since its opening. Not unlike the “It’s a Small World” ride, Pirates of the Caribbean is almost a right of passage to Disney visitors and must be appreciated as such. The ride definitely shows its age with low-tech animatronics and some politically incorrect moments (wenches), but it’s still a great Disney adventure.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a water-borne adventure that depicts the life of a pirate. Visitors will encounter a pirate’s cove, a battle and an entire pirate village. While passengers observe the action that takes place on both sides of the boat, complete with splashing cannonballs, pirates hoist the Jolly Roger while others defend a dilapidated fort. Of course, the ride ends in a chorus of “Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me.” Thankfully, the song is not as hypnotizing as "It’s a Small World."

Did you know? Pirates of the Caribbean was the first ride in the world to utilize a gift shop at the exit.

  Disneyland Disney World
Opened March 18, 1967 December 15,1973
Boat Capacity: 22 Adult passengers 22 Adult passengers
Ride Capacity About 3,400 guests per hour 3,400 per hour
Number of boats 40 40
Ride Duration: Original: 14.5 minutes, Current: Approx 10 minutes Approx. 9 minutes
Max ceiling. Height: 40 feet 40 feet
Flume Drop: 52 feet angle -  21 degrees (1st drop) 37 feet angle - 21 degrees (2nd drop) 52 feet in length, 14 foot height
# of Audio-Animatronic Characters: 64 Humans, 55 animals 66 Pirates and villagers, 57 Animals and birds

Amount of water


750,000 gallons 750,000 gallons

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